Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

  • IngMar RespiSim Pro

    RespiSim Pro is an all-in-one respiratory simulation solution for providing high-fidelity, effective simulation experiences.


    RespiSim Pro comes with the ASL5000, RespiSim software, Learner’s Display and RespiPro manikin on a portable cart.


    For an immersive respiratory and ventilator training, RespiSim Pro is the answer for every clinican that specialises in respiratory, intensive care or anaesthesia.

  • IngMar ASL5000 Lung Simulator

    The ASL 5000 is the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator, and capable of simulating the full range of patients – neonatal to adult. The ASL 5000 is able to breathe spontaneously even while being ventilated and can be used with any ventilator.


    Major respiratory equipment manufacturers use the ASL 5000 as their go-to tool for product development and testing for ventilators, non-invasive respiratory devices, aerosol drug delivery and other respiratory therapy devices.


    With RespiSim software, scenario-based training can be crafted and customised based on your learner’s needs. As the world’s most realistic breathing simulator, researchers and educators worldwide utilise the ASL5000 for their clinical research and training needs.

  • IngMar QuickLung Breather

    IngMar QuickLung Breather consists of a QuickLung with an electrically-powered Breather option which continuously triggers a ventilator connected to it. Preset breathing patterns such as Kussmaul’s, Cheyne-Stokes are available, along with customisable I:E, Respiratory Rate and Tidal Volume.


    QuickLung Breather is the perfect tool for training of recognition of ventilator dyssynchrony through ventilator waveforms.

  • IngMar QuickLung

    IngMar QuickLung with QuickTrigger is perfect for ventilator training and testing, with adjustable compliance and resistance. Create various scenarios from pneumothorax to acute asthma to circuit leak.


    Option for calibrated QuickLung for ventilator performance verification is available upon request.

  • UVDI-360 Automated Room Disinfection Robot

    UVDI is the leading US manufacturer of UVC disinfection products. UVDI-360 has been proven by evidence-based science, in peer-reviewed studies by recognised researchers in renowned healthcare institutions like Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, UNC Health and more.


    UVDI’s UV Dose Verify Cards, specially calibrated and tested with the UVDI-360, provides assurance that high-touch surfaces are covered during the stipulated disinfection cycle time.

  • Germitec Chronos Automated Ultrasound Probe Disinfection System

    Chronos uses UV-C photons to achieve high-level disinfection for ultrasound probes within its enclosed chamber, completed in a 90 seconds cycle.


    Endocavitary probes such as transvaginal and transrectal probes should be disinfected between every patient use.


    Switch to a fast, chemical-free solution for your ultrasound probes today!

  • Vapotherm Precision Flow & Oxygen Assist Module

    Vapotherm’s revolutionary high-velocity therapy has been proven to be non-inferior to nCPAP in neonates and NIV in adults, even with hypercapnic respiratory failure. Due to the high velocity of oxygen flow through Vapotherm’s small-bore cannula, deadspace is reduced and alveolar ventilation increases.


    Oxygen Assist is a module that is a closed-loop controller that titrates FiO2 based on the patient’s SpO2 while on Vapotherm’s Precision Flow. Perfect for reducing nursing workload while increasing time in target SpO2 for fragile premature babies.

  • Air Liquide Monnal T60 Advanced Ventilator

    Monnal T60 ADVANCED Critical Care Ventilator is suitable for ventilation of critically-ill patients throughout the hospital.


    Full-touch screen MT60 Advanced comes standard with advanced modes like APRV, CPV and ECLS – an ECMO lung-protective ventilation mode.

  • Air Liquide Monnal T60 Ventilator

    Monnal T60 Portable Transport Ventilator is suitable for ventilation of patients from the Emergency department to transporting ventilated patients throughout the hospital.


    Full touch-screen is intuitive for all users to access ventilator settings, parameters and even performing respiratory diagnostics like measuring Plateau Pressure.

  • Weinmann Meduvent Standard Ventilator

    WEINMANN MeduVENT S is a lightweight, simple to operate turbine ventilator.


    Weighing only 2.1kg, with 8 hours battery life, transporting a ventilated patient is a breeze. Oxygen supplementation can be easily added in through a generic oxygen tubing.

  • Weinmann Medumat Standard 2 Ventilator

    WEINMANN MeduMAT S2 is a lightweight, easy to use pneumatic ventilator.


    Weighing only 2.5kg, with 10 hours battery life, pre-hospital emergency and transport ventilation has never been simpler.

  • Weinmann Meducore Standard 2 Patient Monitor with AED

    WEINMANN MeduCORE S2 is a lightweight 2-in-1 device that is:

    –  A patient monitor that measures: NIBP, SpO2, ECG

    –  Integrated with an AED


    It can also transform into an optional upgradeable transport defibrillator with manual defibrillation, cardioversion, 12-lead ECG recording and a printer.

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