Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

  • Vapotherm Precision Flow & Oxygen Assist Module

    Vapotherm’s revolutionary high-velocity therapy has been proven to be non-inferior to nCPAP in neonates and NIV in adults, even with hypercapnic respiratory failure. Due to the high velocity of oxygen flow through Vapotherm’s small-bore cannula, deadspace is reduced and alveolar ventilation increases.


    Oxygen Assist is a module that is a closed-loop controller that titrates FiO2 based on the patient’s SpO2 while on Vapotherm’s Precision Flow. Perfect for reducing nursing workload while increasing time in target SpO2 for fragile premature babies.

  • Air Liquide Monnal T60 Ventilator

    Monnal T60 Portable Transport Ventilator is suitable for ventilation of patients from the Emergency department to transporting ventilated patients throughout the hospital.


    Full touch-screen is intuitive for all users to access ventilator settings, parameters and even performing respiratory diagnostics like measuring Plateau Pressure.

  • Weinmann Meduvent Standard Ventilator

    WEINMANN MeduVENT S is a lightweight, simple to operate turbine ventilator.


    Weighing only 2.1kg, with 8 hours battery life, transporting a ventilated patient is a breeze. Oxygen supplementation can be easily added in through a generic oxygen tubing.

  • Weinmann Medumat Standard 2 Ventilator

    WEINMANN MeduMAT S2 is a lightweight, easy to use pneumatic ventilator.


    Weighing only 2.5kg, with 10 hours battery life, pre-hospital emergency and transport ventilation has never been simpler.

  • Weinmann Meducore Standard 2 Patient Monitor with AED

    WEINMANN MeduCORE S2 is a lightweight 2-in-1 device that is:

    –  A patient monitor that measures: NIBP, SpO2, ECG

    –  Integrated with an AED


    It can also transform into an optional upgradeable transport defibrillator with manual defibrillation, cardioversion, 12-lead ECG recording and a printer.

  • SSCOR VX-2 Suction Pump

    SSCOR VX-2 is a portable suction machine with an battery-powered electric suction pump that creates a vacuum of >30 lpm airflow and > 525mmHg negative pressure. Lightweight and powerful, VX-2 is perfect for use in emergencies, pre-hospital care, and on emergency carts in hospitals.

  • SSCOR DuCanto Suction Catheter

    SSCOR DuCanto Suction catheter is the go-to suction catheter for the Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy & Airway Decontamination (SALAD) technique for intubating a patient with massive hematemesis, hemoptysis or continuous vomitting.


    Advantages of a DuCanto Suction Catheter:

    – 6.6mm inner diameter (double a typical Yankauer suction catheter’s inner diameter)

    – No occlusion port

    – Shaped more like a patient’s airway (meaning that the DuCanto can easily remove blood, vomit and other contaminants from the pharynx and oesophagus, better and faster than a Yankauer can!)

  • Flexible Tip Bougie

    Flexible Tip Bougie (FTB) is a steerable bougie that can be controlled by the operator with a thumb slider. This allows for faster successful intubations through easy manuevering of the bougie into the airway, compared to a normal bougie.

  • NIO Intraosseous Device

    NIO is the simplest and most reliable semi-automatic IO device. Single-use and drill-free, it is the safest option for fast and easy vascular access while in an emergency.


    NIO is individually packed, and kept in emergency packs and carts for immediate access, without fumbling for a drill that may run out of battery! Used in military medicine, ambulances, emergency departments and offshore medical centres globally.


    Sizes available: Adult (above 12yrs old), Pediatric, Infant

  • Iron Duck Ultra Sofbox Plus Medical Bag

    Sofbox features a large sem-rigid main compartment with 12 pockets, 6 compartments. The bag’s corners and bottom are reinforced for longevity.

  • Iron Duck Pack Case Triple Pack Medical Bag

    Pack Case Triple Trauma Pack is ruggedly constructed with 1000D nylon and is a favourite among BLCS and ACLS crews.


    Proudly Made in the USA.

  • Iron Duck Trauma Pack Plus Medical Bag

    Trauma Pack Plus is ruggedly designed for field professionals, with tapered full-length front and rear pockets that provide easy access storage without added bulk.


    Heavy duty handles wrap around the entire bag for improved weight distribution.


    Proudly Made in the USA.

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