Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

  • Norav Wireless Resting & Stress ECG

    Introducing the NORAV Wireless Mobile ECG Device – an innovative, compact solution designed exclusively for forward-thinking clinicians of today. With advanced wireless features and compatibility across PC, Tablet, and Smartphone platforms, this device delivers high-quality 12-Lead ECG solutions. Its versatile design seamlessly integrates with systems, making it perfect for Resting ECG, Stress, and Telemetry applications.


    Small, lightweight, and water-resistant, Norav ECG is the ideal companion for modern healthcare on the move. Experience complete convenience with compatibility for iOS, Android, and MS Windows for Resting ECG – a comprehensive ECG solution at your fingertips. Upgrade your practice with NORAV’s cutting-edge technology today.

  • Norav Telemetry ECG System for Cardiac Rehabilitation

    The Norav telemetry cardiac rehabilitation ECG system provides advanced and compact telemetry ECG surveillance with added features for patient monitoring. The system offers seamless integration with HIS/EHR, supports 3,6-Lead ECG, and provides arrhythmia and ST alarms.


    The Norav Recorder is user-friendly and has a small, lightweight, and water-resistant design, making it an ideal solution for rehabilitation ECG monitoring.


    – High resolution ECG processing
    – Advanced clean ECG trace with automated movement artifact filtering and baseline correction
    – Reports exportable to PDF
    – Scalable up to 7 patients concurrent monitoring

  • EOVE EO-70 Secretion Management Device

    EO-70 by EOVE is an insufflation-exsufflation device, meant to assist the cough effort of the patient in order to expectorate secretions.


    EO-70 features a visual coaching function for patient education and compliance.

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