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Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

Flat local shipping fee of $5, or spend $200 and above for FREE local delivery!

  • Welch Allyn ABPM 7100 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

    The Welch Allyn ABPM 7100 is an easy-to-use 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, that will aid your diagnosis and enhance blood pressure management for your patients and make monitoring efficient for your practice.


    It is designed to help avoid the effects of White Coat Syndrome, provide accurate sleep blood pressure readings, and tailor drug therapy regimes to your individual patient’s needs. Studies have shown that patients may present to the clinic with normal blood pressures, but have masked hypertension that can affect their mortality outcomes if left untreated.


    ABPM 7100S package includes: Pouch with shoulder strap, 2 sizes of comfortable BP cuffs (Adult and Adult Plus), PC connecting cable, Software CD, User Manual

  • SunTech CT40 Blood Pressure Monitor

    SunTech CT40 is the ideal, affordable solution for clinical-grade spot-check measurements of blood pressure plus vital signs in hospitals and clinics. Ambulatory care, long-term care and low-acuity hospital departments can easily implement this versatile, user-friendly vital signs device that delivers SunTech clinical-grade performance, advanced features and digital connectivity.


    Unique to the SunTech CT40, its modular design allows clinicians to easily make adaptations to the device while in the field – adding thermometry, SpO2 and Wi-Fi based solely on the needs of the patient. Other advanced features include the ability to transmit measurement data directly from the device in accordance with HL7 messaging protocols as well as BP Averaging Mode, a key component to accurate blood pressure measurement and used in the recent SPRINT trial conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

  • D&D All-Time Sphygmomanometer

    The D&D All-Time handheld aneroid sphygmomanometer is constructed of shockproof anodized aluminium. Mercury-free.


    The cover of the dial gauge is made of unbreakable polycarbonate. The precision manometer is graduated from 0 to 300 mmHg with an accuracy of ±3mmHg guaranteed over the entire range.


    Mechanism: Made in Germany. Cuff: Made in France. 2 years warranty.

  • FlowMIR Disposable Turbines for MIR Spirometers

    MIR Disposable Turbines are individually packed and calibrated at factory, saving time on calibration and decontamination between patients.


    Save on cost of disinfectants and expensive filters as well.


    Each turbine comes with a paper mouthpiece built-in.


    Compatible with all MIR spirometers.


    1 box contains 60 individually-wrapped turbines with integrated mouthpieces.

  • Thermal Paper for MIR Spirolab Professional Spirometer

    Spirolab Thermal Paper Roll is suited for use with MIR Spirolab Desktop Spirometer.


    1 pack has 10 rolls.

  • MIR MiniSpir Professional Spirometer

    MIR MiniSpir is a PC-based USB spirometer.


    Simply install MIR’s Spirometry software on your PC, plug in MiniSpir and you can start conducting inexpensive and intuitive asthma and COPD screening.


    Control your archiving of PDF results straight from your PC.


    Includes: FVC, FEV1%, VC&IVC, MVV, PRE/POST BD & Bronchial Challenge tests and more.


    ATS compliant and supports NHANES III standard.

  • MIR Spirolab Professional Spirometer

    The new Spirolab is an All-in-One Portable Desktop Spirometer, consisting of built-in software, full-colour 7″ touchscreen and thermal printer.


    Internal Memory: 10,000 Spirometry tests.


    Includes: FVC, FEV1%, VC&IVC, MVV, PRE/POST BD & Bronchial Challenge tests and more.


    ATS compliant and supports NHANES III standard.

  • Resting ECG Tab Electrodes

    Skintact RT34 ECG EASITab Electrodes feels soft but sticks well to the patient’s skin. The conductive adhesive Aqua-Tac hydrogel provides a reliable signal tracing of consistent high quality.


    After the ECG examination is completed, the electrode tabs can be removed easily, pain-free and mess-free.


    Compatible with Welch Allyn CP150 ECG or any other clip-on style ECG.


    1 box contains 500 tabs total, in 5 sealed pouches. 1 pouch contains 10 sheets. 1 sheet contains 10 tabs.

  • Welch Allyn CP 50 ECG Thermal Paper

    ECG Paper, Z Fold, small sized.


    For use with Welch Allyn CP 50 ECG machine.


    1 box contains 2500 sheets.

  • Welch Allyn ELI 230 Carry Case

    The Welch Allyn Mortara ELI® 230 Carry Case is crafted from premium materials, tailored exclusively to safely store and transport the portable ELI® 230 ECG machine.


    Perfect for mobile medical doctors, for secure use in out of clinic or hospital settings.


    Key Features:
    – EVA hard shell protective case
    – Inner padding on all sides
    – Hard cover separator to protect screen
    – Clear folder to store printed ECGs
    – Mesh side pockets for storage of ECG leads and electrodes
    – Printing of 12-lead ECG can be done from within the bag
    – Velcro opening for easy charging within the bag
    – Equipped with a convenient shoulder strap

  • Welch Allyn ELI 230 ECG Thermal Paper (Box of 12 Rolls)

    ECG thermal paper with header, for use with Welch Allyn ELI 230 12-Lead ECG machine.


    – Paper height: 210mm
    – Roll length: 21m
    – Packaged in a box of 12 rolls

  • Welch Allyn ELI 230 12-Lead ECG

    The ELI® 230 Resting ECG is a compact and portable diagnostic electrocardiograph, used for acquiring, viewing, and printing of adult and pediatric 12-lead ECG data. It is a cost-effective ECG solution, offering accurate and reliable adult/pediatric ECG interpretation and full-sized 8.25″ wide printouts (~A4 size).


    The color display provides real-time preview of three, eight or twelve leads of ECG data, as well as post-acquisition review of acquired ECG. And the VERITAS™ resting ECG interpretation algorithm uses gender-specific and adult and pediatric criteria to provide a silent second opinion for diagnostic interpretation.


    ELI® 230 Resting ECG captures best 10 seconds of ECG data from memory, reducing need for repeat ECGs. It comes with a Wireless Data Acquisition module that increases workspace flexibility – electrocardiograph no longer needs to be right at the patient’s bedside.


    ECG tab electrodes have to be purchased as an add-on or purchased separately here.


    The Welch Allyn ELI® 230 Carry Case can be purchased separately here.


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