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Respiratory Care
MIR Minispir® PC-Based Spirometer
MIR Minispir® provide the most convenient way to access spirometry and oximetry data in one small device.

Plugs directly into USB socket on PC/Laptop.
No batteries required.
Real time Flow/Volume and Volume/Time curve.
Advanced spirometry test interpretation.
Pediatric incentive animations.

Lung age estimation.
PRE-POST bronchodilator comparison.
Bronchial challenge test with FEV-1 dose-response curve.
Temperature sensor for automatic BTPS conversion.
Selectable languages and predicted values.
MIR Spirolab III® Desktop Spirometer
Ideal for mobile spirometry testing, MIR Spirolab III® is simple, and rapid to use, and requires no calibration.

Spirometer with 6,000 test memory, records the best 
3 trials, and up to 8 tests on one screen. Internal temperature sensor for BTPS conversion.
Oximeter with 1,000 hours of recording.
Available with disposable, or reusable turbine flowmeter.
Short, or long term (overnight) SpO2, and pulse rate measurements.
Sleep oximetry with desaturation events.

Oximetry during exercise test.
High resolution color screen.
Fast, and silent thermal printer.
Digital turbine flowmeter with guaranteed accuracy in all environmental condition.
PRE-POST bronchodilator comparison.
Selectable language, and predicted values.
Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth®, and RS232.
"I'm okay, your patient's okay" indicator at a glance allows users to know things are as they should be. Intuitive user interface has you operation-ready in minutes. A revolutionary innovation.
Uni-Vent® EMV+ Critical Care Ventilator

Measures 12½" H x 7½" W x 4½" D.
9 lbs, or about 4 kg in weight.
Rugged, durable enclosure designed to protect the ventilator in all environments.

Daylight visible LCD, and LED indicators.
Operates continuously from external AC/DC power, or for a minimum of 10 hours between battery recharges. Built-in rapid charger gets battery to 90% in 2 hours.