Ambulance Stretchers
Basket Stretchers
Ambulance Stretchers
This cot is designed to ease the strain of moving a patient into, and out of an ambulance. Ease of use for a patient's weight to approximately 250 lbs.
Ambulance Roll-in/Chair Cot Stretcher

Two 6" swivel wheels improved clearance for easy loading.
Protection plate against finger pinching of medics.
Mattress set includes head pillow for patient comfort.

Adjustable backrest angle from 0º to 90º.
Built-in shock position for elevating patient's feet.
Added safety with stop-fix brakes, and impact-resistant rim.

Swing-down side rails for convenient patient transfer.
Shoulder restraint belts protect patient from sudden ambulance emergency stop.
Low mechanical maintenance required.
Basket Stretchers
Stretcher basket is penetration, and snag resistant with a polyethylene orange shell. Heavy-duty aluminum frame attached to basket provides additional strength, and support. Removable foam mattress provides bacteriostatic protection. Includes four restraint straps with close buckles, and foot paddle for patient stability.
Basket Stretcher

86" L x 26" W x 7" D.
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