for Instruments
The Tristel Trio Wipes System is a practical and highly effective way to decontaminate and disinfect non-lumened medical devices, including those that cannot be fully immersed in liquid disinfectant or sterilant and cannot be sterilized by heat. The systems provides high-level disinfection in less than two minutes. Application include:
Tristel Trio Wipes System

Invasive ultrasound transducers
Transesophageal cardio probes (TOE/TEE)

Manometry catheters
Ophthalmic equipment, etc
Packaged in convenient, easy to use burstable sachets containing base and activator solutions, Fuse for Surfaces delivers high-level disinfection of floors, walls and general hard surfaces. No counting, weighing or calculations are need to make up a working solution at the right concentration.
Tristel Fuse for Surfaces

Cleaning and disinfection combined.
One concentration, one contact time.
More economical than Chlorine tablets
Tristel Jet for Surfaces is designed for everyday cleaning tasks whilst upholding the highest level of disinfection: sporicidal efficacy. Jet is a gel-based trigger spray that permits accurate application and eliminates any health and safety concerns associated with aerosols. Its thickened formulation allows it to cling effectively to hard surfaces, for effective application and high-level disinfection. Application include:
Tristel Jet for Surfaces

Dressing trolleys

Near patient surfaces
General ward cleaning
Patient hoists
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Automated High-Level Disinfection via UV-C
High-Level Disinfectants for Instruments
High-Level Disinfectants for Surfaces
for Surfaces
The Sporicidal Wipe incorporates Tristel's patented chlorine dioxide chemistry. It can kill all organisms on a pre-cleaned surface, from which soil and organic matter have been removed, with a contact time of only 30 seconds! This means that non-lumened medical instruments can now be decontaminated easily, quickly and safely. Application include:
Tristel Sporicidal Wipe

Invasive ultrasound transducers
Transesophageal cardio probes (TOE/TEE)

Manometry catheters
Ophthalmic equipment, etc
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Automated High-Level Disinfection via UV-C
Antigermix® S1
The Antigermix® S1 by Germitec offers the fastest automated disinfection of ultrasound probes in Singapore. Using advanced UV-C disinfection technology, the vast majority of probes on the market can be disinfected in just 90 seconds! 
Probes can be disinfected in the procedure room itself, further minimizing turnaround time and removing the potential for damage in transit.

UV-C high-level disinfection
90 seconds process
Free of chemicals and consumables

Built-in software for automatic traceability
Environmental friendly
Safe and efficient point of care solution
Tristel Sporicidal Wipe
Tristel Trio
Tristel Fuse
Tristel Jet
Antigermix S1