2-in-1 Scoop Backboards
Cervical Collars
Extrication Devices
Head Immobilizers
Spine Boards
Traction Splints
Vacuum Mattresses
2-in-1 Scoop Backboards
Move the board, not the patient! A combination of backboard/split litter that is truly revolutionary. The CombiCarrier® II is one device that does the job of two. Ideal for patients with suspected hip, pelvic, and spinal injuries.
CombiCarrier® II Scoop Backboard

Spinal immobilization device.
Auto-lock latch system.
Concave patient surface.

Operates like a standard backboard.
Continuous head support surface.
X-ray compatible.

450 lbs load capacity.
Measures 73½" L x 16½" W x 2.19" D.
Weighs 15.5 lbs.
Cervical Collars
The Perfit ACE™ Adjustable Collar from Ambu® adjusts to any adult-size neck with 16 different settings ranging from neckless to tall sizes. Built-in latches allow the rescuer to size the collar according to the victims' neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in place for maximum reliability.
Adjustable Cervical Collar

16 adjustable settings.
Stores completely flat.

Color-code numbering, and sizing.
X-ray, CT, and MRI compatible.
Extrication Devices
ERGON designed and developed by rescue operators and emergency devices expert technicians to offer outstanding performances, never achieved before. Guarantees maximum patient's comfort in the main decubitus areas thanks to a special soft material moulded on a high resistance plastic polymer (Me.Ber. exclusive HC3 - High Comfort Composite Cell).
Me.Ber. ERGON Scoop Stretcher
Head Immobilizers
Provides a firm control of head movement, and helps maintain proper cervical spine alignment with exceptional patient comfort. Recessed sides ensure that the head straps will not slide off head blocks.
HeadFirst™ Universal Head Immobilizer

Velcro® fastening system makes it fast, and easy to use.
Large ear holes permit monitoring for hemorrhage, or drainage. Compatible with most spine boards, and extrication collars.

Closed cell foam will not absorb blood, or body fluids.
X-ray translucent.
Includes a universal attachment base with built-in occipital pad, two head blocks, and a pair of straps.
Spine Boards
Designed to meet the needs of customers looking for a cost effective plastic immobilization solution. The base board is roto-molded, foam-filled immobilization system.
Standard Spine Board

Measures 72" L x 16" W x 1¾" thick.

400 lbs load capacity.
The SAM® Splint is extremely moldable, and soft enough to cut with an ordinary pair of household scissors. Bent into any of three simple curves, it becomes extremely strong, and supportive for any fractured, or injured limb.
SAM® Splints

Closed-cell foam allows easy cleaning, and disinfection. Material compatible with all standard cleaning solutions.
Lightweight, and compact.

Not affected by extreme temperatures, or altitudes.
Fastens in place with tape, or wrap of choice. No extra equipment is needed.

Provides added stability for all limbs including the neck.
Traction Splints
Protect your patient from further hemorrhage, additional nerve, vascular, bone, and muscular damage. Hare® Traction Splint realigns a fractured femur to its proper position.
HARE® Traction Splints

Larger traction knob for better grip, and control.
One-handed traction adjustment.

Recessed traction release button.
Positive locking heel stand.

Faster length adjustment, collets lock with few quick turns.
Vacuum Mattresses
Durable plastic construction with simple to use sealing valve suitable for connection to suction unit.
Vacuum Mattress

Performs in a variety of conditions ranging from extreme temperatures to extreme environmental settings like water, and snow.
X-ray, CT, and MRI compatible materials allow for fixation from the place of injury through final treatment.

Allows patient immobilization in any position.
Conforms to the contours of the body.
Rapid fixation with the unique strapping means no hassling with hook, and loop straps, and less time in the field.
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The only variable geometry stretcher for the recoveries in critical situations.
Ergonomic and reliable commands to support rescue operators.

Revolutionary design to grant maximum comfort.
The only one with flexilock locking device.
High thermal insulation to protect the patient in the recovery of low temperature.
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