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Airway Management
NuMask's patented IntraOral Mask (IOM) provides superior performance over traditional face masks due to its intra-oral placement that combines multiple layers of leak-free wet seals.

By securing its placement inside the gum line, the NuMask IOM maintains ideal positioning while forming tight seals regardless of facial features, facial hair, and/or maxillofacial trauma. When utilizing NuMask's unique grips, a single provider easily obtains consistently 100% seals while procuring superior ventilation otherwise impossible in traditional face-masks.

The NuMask patented oropharyngeal airway (OPA) is custom-designed to integrate with the IOM for patients requiring an oropharyngeal airway independent of specific patient head positioning. Its cutting-edge advantages boast a firm yet pliable construction with soft rounded edges that prevent dental/mucosal injury. NuMask's streamline design, and laterally enhanced air channels also simplify insertion while increasing patient airflow.
NuMask IntraOral Mask, and Oropharyngeal Airway
Single-patient use is hygienic, and safe. A low cost, superior solution designed to prevent cross-infection.
Disposable Laryngoscope Blade

Strong polycarbonate alternative to metal blades.
High specific, and general illumination.
Smooth, clear, light-transmitting blade.

Superior visualization.
Fits all European ISO 'Green' System handles.
Available in Macintosh sizes 2, 3, 4, and Miller 0, 1, 2, 3.
Adult bag provides 1,488 ml volume (625 ml average stroke volume one-handed). Rapid refill time so the proper amount of RPM will be attained. Built-in safety valve allows entertainment of room air. Patient valve is made of clear plastic with a one-way valve, manometer port with cap, adjustable exhalation deflector port with a 30 mm PEEP connector, and a swivel patient connector. Sure-grip handle. Includes reservoir, and mask.
Disposable Manual Resuscitator
Oxygen Resuscitators
The Oxylator FR-300 is an emergency resuscitator specially designed for first responders. Simple, one-button operation delivers optimal levels of oxygen, and dramatically reduces complications associated with "bag-valve-masks", and "time-cycle-devices". The Oxylator FR-300 automatically maintains adequate ventilation of each patient through an advanced pressure, and flow sensing system. This patient-responsive resuscitator assures a constant flow rate, and safe pressure limit during inhalation, and allows for passive exhalation.
Oxylator First Responder Oxygen Resuscitator

Reduces the risk of gastric insufflation, and barotrauma common with the use of bag-valve-masks.
The Oxylator EMX is a patient responsive emergency resuscitation, and inhalation management system designed for hospital, and EMS personnel. It is simple, safe, effective, delivers optimal levels of oxygen in a resuscitation attempt, and dramatically reduces complications associated with time-cycled ventilators, and bag-valve-mask devices. As with other Oxylator devices, 
the EMX automatically maintains adequate ventilation for each patient through a patented pressure, and flow sensing system that allows for passive exhalation. Unique technology guides the care giver to produce airway management.
Oxylator Advanced Care Oxygen Resuscitator

Eliminates the risk of gastric insufflation during mask ventilation due to its low constant flow rate of 30 L per minute.
Eliminates barotrauma because of a safe pressure limit range of 20 to 45 cmH20.
Alerts to mask, or tube leaks.

Informs the care giver of poor lung condition.
Assists the shallowly breathing patient.
Eliminates "breath stacking" associated with time-cycled devices.
Offers audible, and visual indication of an airway obstruction.
Synchronizes automatically with chest compressions.

Eliminates "stacking of breaths" associated with "bag-valve-masks", and "time-cycled" ventilation.
Suction Pumps
The S-SCORT® VX-2® is a portable, powerful, and "fireman-proof" tough, battery powered suction unit. Powerful enough to meet state, national, and international standards. Versatile enough to provide essential medical suction inside, and outside the vehicle.
S-SCORT® Emergency Suction Pump

Two ways to power the VX-2®.
Remove from the bracket, the VX-2® is a versatile, durable, economical, full-featured, portable suction unit.

The optional charging/retention bracket holds the unit securely in place, and conducts vehicle power to run the VX-2® as an onboard suction, while charging the internal battery.
"I'm okay, your patient's okay" indicator at a glance allows users to know things are as they should be. Intuitive user interface has you operation-ready in minutes. A revolutionary innovation.
Uni-Vent® EMV+ Transport Ventilator

Measures 12½" H x 7½" W x 4½" D.
9 lbs, or about 4 kg in weight.
Rugged, durable enclosure designed to protect the ventilator in all environments.

Daylight visible LCD, and LED indicators.
Operates continuously from external AC/DC power, or for a minimum of 10 hours between battery recharges. Built-in rapid charger gets battery to 90% in 2 hours.
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