At the Heart of Medical Innovation.

Our corporate slogan positions the company as an organization that customers can trust. It is our goal to make lives easier, better, and more beautiful with our products, and technologies. This vision constitutes a promise we intend to keep by complying with customers' requirements on a daily basis.

EO was incorporated in Singapore, July 2002 to provide, and undertake all descriptions of distribution, and engineering support services for the full range of technical, scientific, and medical equipment. The company believes in the importance of being a market leader in distribution. We distribute only products which are market leaders worldwide.

We endeavor to perceive, appropriately respond to constant changes around us, and be actively involved in forging the future, and setting its trends. Innovation is crucial to EO's business. Our engineers are constantly engaged in collaborative, and cooperative development with our business partners on strategic, and future technologies to forge new standards for excellence. To keep improving our quality customer service, we continue to invest heavily in professional training for our sales, service engineers, and customer service representatives.

EO's business strategy is to focus on the technologies segments. Our operation is divided into two business sectors: Medical, and Engineering.
Our Philosophy
Founded by a team of driven, and committed professionals with industry experience in business development, electronics engineering, technical support, and service that is based upon more than twenty years of expertise, enabling our support teams to respond quickly, and effectively to customers' challenges. Our past experiences in supplying electronic process control, and automation solutions include many of the world's leading MNCs. We work with customers closely to identify specific problems, discuss requirements, and recommend solutions.

Our starting point is based not only on supplying products but on providing high standard of service, and technical support.
Only highly educated, and skilled engineers are selected for the service department. They go through an intense training period
with regular follow up courses to ensure they know their products inside-out. We want to maintain a high level of quality
assurance to provide services that exceeds customers' expectations. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our achievement
of the ISO 9001:2008, and HSA TS-01:R2.1 quality management systems certification. Customers expect experts, and we will not let them down. Customers have recognized the value of this approach, and continue to work with us for dedicated long-term solutions.
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